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Neocolonialism: the blind spot of the West

Posted by on 6 Sep 11 in Politics | 13 comments

It’s been a few months since I read Samir Amin’s Ending the Crisis of Capitalism or Ending Capitalism? but one of the key chapters remains a thought through everything I think about these days “accumulation by dispossession.” Although David Harvey is the man who is credited with its conception, Samir Amin takes the concept further – looking at how colonisation was yet another means of dispossession and that globalised capitalism is its continued mask. To Western governments, wealth precedes human rights; what matters is to bribe a few corrupt leaders to keep...

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We once were revolutionaries

Posted by on 31 Jul 11 in Politics | 0 comments

We once were revolutionaries. We believed in a better world, a just world, a world where every person was never alone. We inked pages with dreams for that world. We strove for it, determined that never mind the adversity – we would win. Because we were in the Right. It doesn’t matter where you look – to the Peasants Revolt, to the Independence of Algeria, to the Women’s Rights movements, to the anti-Apartheid struggles. It doesn’t matter if we won or if we lost. We worked together – not only against a common foe – but for a world that would be...

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I am a woman, even if I can kick

Posted by on 5 Jun 11 in Politics | 1 comment

At 5, I became an active feminist. On my first day of school in Dallas, while queueing for something or other, a boy behind me announced proudly, “Girls can’t kick.” I turned around and proclaimed with just as much pride, “Yes they can!” He looked puzzled, and then demanded, “Well then, prove it – kick me.” And I did… in-between his legs. I’ve told this story before, often with a certain amount of smugness. But I normally don’t detail the consequences of that action. Apart from being told off by my teacher (“This...

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3 Fundamental Flaws in Cameron’s Speech on Immigration

Posted by on 14 Apr 11 in Politics, Social Justice | 0 comments

David Cameron has declared that all of Britain is scared about rising immigration numbers. He’s declared that most immigrants move to the UK through sham marriages. He’s argued that immigration hasn’t been about assimilation, but “ghettoisation”. He’s argued that refusing to work in an unskilled job for really poor wages and no right to unionise is riding the welfare state and is caused  by immigrants taking on those positions instead. So he’s decided to tell us that he’s stopping immigration and thus “ending the option of living a...

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6 Billion Ways: Accumulation by African Dispossession

Posted by on 5 Mar 11 in Politics | 0 comments

Capitalism has been spurred on by dispossession. Every accumulation of capital is not free, but a debt to that which has been dispossessed. Our capital accumulation is a blood debt. A debt that we’ve incurred through colonialism and resource exploitation. It’s a shame Samir Amin could not attend this session on Africa; capital accumulation by dispossession was the underlying thesis of this discussion, with supporting evidence provided by Nnimmo Bassey and Patrick Bond. Introduced by Firoze Manji of Pambazuka Press, the session was a clear move away from the standard aid versus...

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