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Costing employment: regulation, high pay and redistribution

Posted by on 23 Nov 11 in Politics | 0 comments

Shutters are shut, graffitti scrawled over the surface. Windows display vacant rooms. Old signs have letters falling off. It’s nearly Christmas, but the streets are empty – except at the pound shop, betting agencies, and thrift shops. This has become my journey to work – where the number of small businesses have diminished significantly just over the last six months. In a study for the “independent” Centre of Policy Studies, Dominic Raab MP (Conservative)  has concluded that the main reason that small businesses sink is because there is too much legislation...

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Neocolonialism: the blind spot of the West

Posted by on 6 Sep 11 in Politics | 13 comments

It’s been a few months since I read Samir Amin’s Ending the Crisis of Capitalism or Ending Capitalism? but one of the key chapters remains a thought through everything I think about these days “accumulation by dispossession.” Although David Harvey is the man who is credited with its conception, Samir Amin takes the concept further – looking at how colonisation was yet another means of dispossession and that globalised capitalism is its continued mask. To Western governments, wealth precedes human rights; what matters is to bribe a few corrupt leaders to keep...

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I am a woman, even if I can kick

Posted by on 5 Jun 11 in Politics | 1 comment

At 5, I became an active feminist. On my first day of school in Dallas, while queueing for something or other, a boy behind me announced proudly, “Girls can’t kick.” I turned around and proclaimed with just as much pride, “Yes they can!” He looked puzzled, and then demanded, “Well then, prove it – kick me.” And I did… in-between his legs. I’ve told this story before, often with a certain amount of smugness. But I normally don’t detail the consequences of that action. Apart from being told off by my teacher (“This...

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Where is Democracy?

Posted by on 9 Apr 11 in Politics, Social Justice | 0 comments

Over the last few weeks, I have seen the voices of hundreds of thousands ignored. I have seen education slip through the margins of accessibility. I have seen debate crushed by dogma and spin. I have heard lies and deceit by those who govern us. And I have seen the might of the centralised state increase, without the opportunity of local input. I am reminded again and again, I am not in a free country. Democracy was born in Athens – its aim to give the people (demos) the power to decide. Like now, who counts as ‘people’ is limited to the elite, and mostly men. We believe...

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Austerity: Where the innocent have to prove themselves not guilty

Posted by on 21 Mar 11 in Action, Politics, Social Justice | 0 comments

I am angry. Angry that the government that I did not elect is cutting off benefits to millions of people who desperately need it. Angry that I am lied to continuously by politicians that are more concerned about their pockets than public welfare. Angry that the government ignores democratic action and the voices of its people. I am shouting. Shouting desperately to have my voice heard by a biased and corporatised press. Shouting for life to be about living again and not about endless accumulation. Shouting for the people whose voices are silenced by authority, competition and brutality. I am...

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