Somalia: the state of things to come

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There should be no mistake by any party that Somalia’s famine has been caused by Climate Change. As thousands struggle to find food on the border between Kenya and Somalia, we must remember that this tragedy is just as much our responsibility as it is the misfortune of those suffering from hunger. For months, the UN has been crying out about the growing food insecurity in the region, and for months we have not reacted. Crops have failed, there have been long droughts and scarcity of drinking water, and in all that environmental disaster – fighting has broken out. What else would...

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Something Gassy in the James Price Point case?

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Western Australia’s always been proud of their natural resources & mining industries. Criticise it, and you bare the wrath of not only the elitism of rich investors and industrialists, but pretty much 80 to 90% of the population. Woodside is considered one of the pride.  When meeting them in 2003, as one of the 40 of so school students attending the “Australian Student Mineral Venture,” we were told in loud volumes about how they employed Aborigines too… obviously the only tick box needed to be ethical, or so they thought. But that’s not where...

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Biofuels, the UK’s false solution to Climate Change

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First published on the ActionAid Blog as part of their series on Biofuels When we were promised the “Greenest Government ever” by the coalition last year, we were desperately hoping that wouldn’t be through corporate greenwash. Given the Liberal Democrats’ strong stance on climate change previously,  it comes as quite a tragedy that the Coalition is deciding to increase its biofuels target to 10% of fuel  by 2020. The arguments from the coalition have largely centred around the EU’s REDD commitment of 10% renewable transport fuel by 2010, explaining that...

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It’s not a “food” crisis, it’s a Hunger Crisis

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According to the World Food Programme, 925 million people across the world currently do not have enough to eat.  That number is increasing. Our problem is not food scarcity, but food distribution. There is plenty of eligible land, and plenty of food. While the 925 million starve, about 2 billion people in the world face mass obesity. As Caroline Spelman’s response to current food price hikes and Foresight’s report on Food & Farming clearly shows, the wealthiest are pricing the poor out of the right to eat. Cause: High Food Prices & Speculation It started in Algeria. A...

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