There are many fragrant ways to describe Nishma. Some are more flowery (though these are sparse, and probably from people who don’t quite know her); some have a soft woody scent (mostly from old friends suffering from a severe case of nostalgia); and some are just plain spicy (interpret as you will). Whatever the case – here is her as she knows herself.

Whatever tickles your nose hairs.

Consultant & Training

Nishma is available for hire!

Social Media & Online Communications

I have spent a number of years working with various organisations on Social and Online Communications.

From instigating and training staff & organisations in the use of social media, to the development of communications strategies, I have an enthusiastic and positive approach in making sure that every voice is heard.

For more information, please look at my account on LinkedIn, or contact me.

Changing the World

Aim: To achieve a world where everyone is actually equal, and none are more equal than the Other.

These writings/scribblings/endless-words-across-a-page are pathways, and may seem higgledy-piggledy, but in the end – they will reach a point. They will achieve a focus. And they will point in the correct direction. Just let go while you explore them, and you might find that your whole world has turned around. Or, more often than not, it will just look refreshed.